Monster Truck Las Vegas


Yes, YOU can do that!!

Climb behind the wheel of the world’s longest Monster Truck

Drive a Monster Truck 

“Big Guns” (formerly Chaos) was a show truck that toured the Monster Truck circuit for years. You can climb behind the wheel of this behemoth and try your skill at driving it on our custom track. While this isn’t the supercharged trucks you see at Monster Jam and you won’t be popping wheels or getting air, just driving this beast, doing donuts, and crab crawling is a thrill.   
Monster Truck Las Vegas is located on a 100-acre Adrenaline Adventure Park that is also the home of Shoot Las Vegas Machine Gun Shooting Range and Offroad Tours Las Vegas ATV Tours. Don’t waste time traveling between different attractions in Las Vegas. Maximize your vacation hours by combining multiple activities in one location.

Climb down from the Monster Truck and step onto the firing line and choose from more than 80 firearms. Or get behind the wheel of one of our Honda Talons for a desert tour or do all three activities! 

Drive a Monster Truck
$ 250.00

Per Person

  • Enjoy introductory pricing of $250.00 per drive for a limited time.

BIG GUNS - World's Longest Monster Truck

Monster Truck Las Vegas

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