Monster Truck Las Vegas


New Las Vegas attraction puts tourists behind the wheel of an actual Monster Truck.

Las Vegas adrenaline impresario, Eric Brashear launches Monster Truck Las Vegas – A Drive-a-Monster-Truck experience.

LAS VEGAS December 20, 2019 – Purveyor of adrenaline Eric Brashear who made a name for himself in the corporate entertainment world and most recently with his machine gun shooting range, Shoot Las Vegas has launched a one-of-kind attraction. “Monster Truck Las Vegas” puts tourists behind the wheel of giant trucks similar to those seen at Monster Truck rallies throughout the country. Under the watchful eye of an instructor and co-pilot, guests drive the Monster Truck using its front and rear steering to traverse the desert track, do donuts and crab crawl. Not up for driving, Monster Truck Las Vegas also offers Monster Truck rides in the world’s longest Monster Truck, “Big Guns”, measuring over thirty-five feet long.

Brashear’s corporate entertainment career included designing games for the special event industry, including installing a NASCAR arcade racing game into a genuine retired NASCAR for use at events and trade shows. “ I’ve always tried to think outside the box to take things to the next level”, says Eric Brashear. “With several off-road experiences in town that use ATV’s and RZR’s, I wanted to offer something that no one else does, something that people love but don’t ever get access to and Monster Trucks fit that perfectly”. When asked about the safety of tourists driving a Monster Truck, Brashear was quick to point out that “these aren’t the trucks you see at Monster Jam. Those drivers are well trained and incredibly skilled to pop wheelies and do back flips. Don’t get me wrong, the chance just to drive these giant trucks, do donuts and race around the track is an adrenaline rush”.

Talk about an adrenaline rush, Brashear says Monster Truck Las Vegas and Shoot Las Vegas are teaming up to provide a “Drive and Shoot” package. No, you don’t shoot while you are driving, but after you climb down from the driver’s seat you can step onto the firing line and shoot some of the more than eighty guns Shoot Las Vegas offers. Shoot Las Vegas claims to have more targets than any other range in Las Vegas on their 100-acre range, including targets out to 500 yards. The company offers free roundtrip transportation from Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street hotels. More information can be found on their websites and

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